Scribbling Furiously at the 92nd Street Y

Results of recent note-taking at 92Y events:

Gore Vidal: “The last time I sat on this stage, I was afflicted by a fly. An awful fly that kept buzzing around my head as I spoke. After a while, I realized the fly was the late Truman Capote.”

Gary Panter: “Paul [Reuben, aka Pee Wee Herman] and I just pitched an animated version [of Pee Wee’s Playhouse] to Cartoon Network: Earth is destroyed. Pee Wee’s Playhouse is in outer space. Pee Wee falls asleep until the year 1999. The characters are mutated. And he hates them all.”

The notes don’t do him justice, but Panter was the funniest guy I’ve ever seen at the Y.

Any other compulsive note-takers in the audience at these things are encouraged to send us your quotes.




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